Monday, December 28, 2009

Our Christmas Week

So Brady and I had such a fun Christmas this year! Lots of family parties and so many treats!!! We had a fun Christmas Eve dinner at my parents and opend some of our gifts from each other, and played games, then we went up to see Brady's family and Grandma was their! It was so much fun to see her and to be with them! After we went back to my parents and me and the boys all went to INN N OUT the best place ever and yes it was open on christmas eve!!! We got home and all slept at my parents and woke up to such fun gifts from family and Santa aka Mom and Dad! Thank you every one for the amazing gifts! We loved them all! After we went to the Cannons to do gifts and it was also so much fun! Thank you guys for your sweet gifts as well! That day we went to go so a movie and just played more games that night! We had such a FUN Christmas! Thank you family and thank you Brady!

Hope you all had a great Christmas!
PS... Marie Green I love your new years goal idea!!! So cleaver!


Tawny Christensen said...

mitch mitch mitch. id just like to say that the picture of you and brad on top of the blog is soooo freakin pretty. i am a huge fan of it! you are gorgeous my friend, and i'm happy to hear you are doing well. :) happy new years to you and yours sweetheart!

Ryan and Hailee said...

So glad you had a great Christmas!!! I loved all the great Family stuff we did!!! What a great year