Friday, October 10, 2014

Blake 5 Months!

September 23rd 2014 my Blake is 5 months old!
He is the happiest little guy ever!
He loves his momma
He also loves when he gets kisses! it makes him laugh every time!
He pushes up onto his hands and is getting very strong
He is rolling all over the place
He LOVES his binki in his mouth at all times.. (OH NO) haha!
He for sure loves when his big brother plays with him and Cade is really good at getting him to laugh
he is eating lots of yummy veggies now and is loving them!
He is doing cute little bubbles with his mouth and sure loves to do all the baby chat!
He doesn't cry much and i feel so lucky!
Mr Blake we sure love you big boy! 
Oh and you are officially named Boogity! We all call you that and Cade always says boogity sleepin or boogity coming, or i hold boogity!!! It sure is cute!!!

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