Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Cade 17 and 18 months!

Cade 17 and 18 Months
I feel like this boy has learned so many new things and it feels like just these past 2 months he has grown up SO much!

-new words... grapes(brates) hummus(hubbis), water(wateee), crackers (geegles), milk, aftie, heidi, mollie, wy wy, jaces, pretty much all his cousins and aunts and uncles! they don't all come out super clear but you can understand. puppu, fish, kitty, whats that (wasss dat), bird (brrr), and everything he touches he thinks it is hot so (hotss) and the list goes on!!!
- He hasn't gained any wait since he is one 22lbs and we are trying our best to figure it all out, now he drinks catnation! its his (chaa milks)
-down from 4 teaspoons of mirilax to 1.5!!! yipee he is getting better!!!
-loves balls
-loves walks out side
-had mom and aftie come visit, then heather and her family come vist, we went to disneyworld for the first time and did lots of fun things with the Telfords!
-was superman for halloween and had fun trick-or-treating!
-comes up to mommies belly and says bebe (baby) and gives the bebe kisses!
-can climb the playground and do the slide all by himself
-when you ask him to sing he sings a really long aaaaahhhhhh!!!!
-loves his tubby!! (bubby)
-knows how to open doors (aahhhh) 
-loves his favorite friend anna. She is in the picture below!
-loves story time every night now
-when we say our night prays as a family we all kneel around the the couch and he comes over and folds his arms when you say prayers!!
-has a puppy that he sleeps with every night and has to carry around with him all day and we have a back up one for if he looses it hahah!
-food he likes as of late.. still pizza, hummus, spoonful of peanut butter, yogurt, pasta!
-he loves his daddy so so much, every time he gets home from school he runs to the door and says daddy!!!

We love you Cade and we can't wait to see how much you keep growing and learning everyday!!!!!

 We love you big boy!!!!!

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