Monday, September 30, 2013

15 and 16 Months!!!

Our sweet Cade is 16 Months old! 
Here is the a glimps of his last two months...
-words he says are mom, dad, hi, hot, heidi, gram, bird, and mmmmmaaa! (kiss)
-also a TON of made up gibberish! it is too cute!
-running around like crazy
-loves to explore outside
-still a good little sleeper and is down to 1 nap a day!
-eats really good
-no more bottle
-his tummy problems are getting better everyday
-still small but growing everyday:)
-loves the show turtles tale, mickey mouse clubhouse, and jake and the neverland pirates.
-loves to wave at everyone and say hiiiiieeeeee (hi) and blow kisses! He totally loves to flirt!
-favorite thing is to hand the receipt to the costco lady on the way out of the store!
-favorite foods: pizza, eggos, pb and j, yogurt, cheese stick, and any chips! He also love bananas and grapes the most!
-any time music comes on we stops what he is doing and starts dancing! It is my favorite thing he does!
-when we say time for prayers he runs over to the prayer spot that we pray at and folds his arms and bows his head, then right when we start he runs away! haha
-has to sit at his big boy table to eat and has to have his water bottle haha!
-loves to kiss any thing (toys, me, dad) hahahha
-he always signs please when he wants something!
-he loves his baths and now cries when you take him out

You bring so much joy into our lives!!!!

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