Sunday, March 17, 2013

10 Months Old!

10 months old already?
Wow Cade you sure are growing up fast!
-Stands pretty good now on his own
-Pulls him self up on everything
-Pulls everything out of drawers and cupboards 
-waves his hand at you when you say bye bye!
-Loves to sit back and relax when you read stories with him
-Pretty much he will laugh on command if you laugh first
-Good sleeper still and it makes me so happy
-Finally has good consistent 2 naps a day
-LOVES tubs...
-Fast Crawler haha!
-Loves to stand in the shopping cart rather than sit down in the actual baby seat
-Loves oyster crackers more than anything!
-Loves his daddy more than mommy (no joke he always wants brady over me)
-loves big people food way better of course!
-Totally a stinker in church.. when it comes to sitting still he is the WORST
-Spit up all over a pregnant lady at church and it totally made her puke.. (I felt so bad..)
-Loves to pick things up and put them in his bucket and then take them all out!
-Loves the swings at the park! It is constant laughing the whole time he is in it!

We sure love you Cade!!! You make our lives better each and every day!!!

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