Sunday, June 3, 2012

Welcoming Baby Cade to our Family!

Cade Daniel Cannon
Born May 14th 2012
11:47 am
7 lb 2 oz
20.5 inches long

Here is the story...  
Sunday morning I woke up feeling  contractions, but very mild and like 30 min to an hour apart. This lasted all day but i didn't think any thing of it.  We had a very busy day so my mind was distracted... My Grandpa passed away that morning, we had a farewell, and then we went to help gather pictures with my Grandma to get things in order for the funeral. Needless to say my mind was totally distracted as to what was going on with my body. Midnight rolls around and i felt like i should go into the hospital. We get there and I was only at a 2 and 95% thinned, and so they sent me home with a morphine shot after an hour of monitoring.. We get home at about 2 in the morning and I finally fall asleep.  I was suddenly woken up at 3:15am with lots of pain and i new i had to go back to the hospital. I was a baby and cried my way to the hospital haha! We get to the hospital at about 3:40am and i was at a 5 and 100% thinned. They checked me in and gave me my epidural which by the way was so easy and SO nice! At about 9:30am  I was fully at a 10.  Doctor Judd came in and i was ready to deliver, except that he was turned sideways, so the Doctor had me wait at a 10 for a while to see if he would move at all. He never did so they ended up using forcepts to turn his head as i pushed him out! Well when i finally got to push it was a five minute delivery! I pushed 2 times and he was out! Everyone always says that they can't describe the feeling of having a child until you experience it for your self, and wow it is so true.. Overwhelming joy came over me and i was in tears just looking at my sweet boy and the joy on my husbands face when we saw our beautiful baby boy for the first time! They gave him to me and I was able to do skin to skin which was to most amazing thing i have ever experienced! I just look at my sweet little cade and he was looking into my eyes and i just cried and knew right then, this is why i came to this earth! God trusted Brady and I to raise his child here on earth and i was so full of joy and love for my sweet little boy! Our family has begun!!! I will never forget that day as long as i live! Brady and I couldn't be more happy and more grateful for him and for our new adventure! We love being parents already and are so happy with our new little addition!! We have had such great help from our amazing families and couldn't thank them enough! 
Thank you to my amazing sisters Melanie and Heather who are such great photographers, for doing all my pictures! I am so blessed to have them!

A few things about Cade:

He loves to suck his binki, fingers, and anything that touches his mouth

He makes the cutest face when he has to go to the bathroom (purses his lips, flares his nostrils, opens his eyes really big and focuses really hard) we love it!

He makes the cutest noises while eating, almost like he can't get milk fast enough so he grunts! We like to think he is saying "Oh this is so good i can't stop" haha! He is a BIG eater!

He loves having his hands by his face all the time! Its a comfort thing i think! It is so cute!

We have had such a great experiences with our little boy and can't wait to watch him grow up!
We feel so blessed and so happy with our new little guy! Cade we love you and are so happy you made it here safe! "A whole new level of joy comes into your life when you get to raise your children in the gospel." 


Erica+Matson said...

congrats. So cute.

S & K said...

good heavens you put me in tears!!!! You are such a beautiful mom!!

Heather H said...

Congrats Michelle!! I found your blog by accident from another blog but I am so glad I did! Cade is beautiful and I am so glad everything went so well with the delivery! Congrats again!!