Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Disney Cruise!!

What an awesome trip we had!! We went on a Disney Cruise to Mexico with a couple of my siblings and my sweet Mother! We drove to California first for a day then headed to the port to get on board!

Oh how we love Disney! And Hailee had a Birthday

Now on to the Cruise Ship...

Our room! We loved it!

Dressing up for our fancy dinners! Boy was the food amazing!!

Adventures in Mexico on land!

My sweet mom and Jane Ann!

Pirate show boat ride!

We really had such a great trip! Thank you all who made it fun and made it Possible!! We loved every minute of our time!


adam and jess said...

Looks like tons of fun! You're hair is so long and beautiful! Call me next time you're in provo, I miss you bum! Xoxo

Cason and Marie said...

Look at your cute belly!!! I Love it! And what a fun trip. You guys are fun!

Thayerclan said...

fun fun fun!!

Heatha said...

Oh you look so cute gibby.. Love you so much.!

McGuire's said...

So much fun you luckies!! You look darling. Good job to go before the baby!!