Saturday, June 11, 2011

Farm Update!

Well lots has happened lately on the farm, and it's been fun! Got all my gardening done and spring cleaning done and it feels great!
Our chickens will start laying their eggs in two weeks! Yeah!!

We have peonies all over in our flower beds. They are super pretty!

We sit in our backyard and watch the sunset every time we have a beautiful one.

We bought a cow yesterday so in the fall we will have TONS of meat! Yum!! Yes that means killing the poor boy!

Well there you have it... Life on the farm is awesome! Let's just say we will never forget this place!

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my name is becky kelly said...

make sure you have the butcher cut your steaks thick enough! our first steer was cut into 1/2 inch steaks and they were way too thin! this last steer we told the butcher to cut the steaks 1 1/4 inch. the butcher thought shanan was crazy, but did it anyway. they were SO yummy! (1 inch would be good too)
there's my advise. take it or leave it.