Sunday, May 1, 2011

A little bit scared...

So I got a new calling in my Ward and I am very happy and excited about it, but also very nervous after learning all that I am responsible for... Let's just say it will not be easy, but I know the Lord will bless me!! Maybe some of you know how I am feeling... If any one has advice, help is much needed so I can feel a bit more confident, and calm! I know that we are given callings for a reason and I can't wait to start with my new calling! I got called to be in the Primary Presidency as the Secretary! It will be quite the adventurous calling and I LOVE little kids SO much, and I feel that is part of the reason I serve in the Primary! I just can't get enough of kids and I can't wait until I have my own! For now I get all these beautiful children! (and the cute primary kids) Sisters can I please just have all your kids??? Thank you!!!
We are missing some little ones in the shot, but I just LOVE this picture!


Julianne said...

what a cute little picture! you will be so great!! and it will probably come quite a lot easier than you think for you!! you aren't in the presidency alone, and that's the good part! there's 3 other ladies with you! you're so cute!

Heatha said...

you are PERFECT for this calling, kids love you and you love them.
love you baby sis..

Caitlin Nicole said...

That is awesome!! You are going to do such a good job! I was in the primary the last 2 years and loved it!