Sunday, October 24, 2010

Life and it's changes

Well life has brought us in so many new directions.. I will have to tell about our life piece by piece! We have moved into a cute perfect little home on a farm! (pictures to come) Life is amazing and we have never been happier! Stay posted for lots and lots more to come.. I feel like i have lots to blog about and that life is a bit more exciting!
Lets begin!
First things first... the new addition to our family!!
Our favorite little new buddy!

Brady and I love him so much! he is a chocolate lab!!! he keeps us so entertained! We got him for Brady's Birthday last week!

Along with getting a dog last weekend, we also went with some friends down to Zion's to spend a weekend of hiking and fun! We hiked Subway, and also did lots of repelling at a slot canyon called Keyhole! We had so much fun

Stay tuned for much more of our new life on the farm!!


my name is becky kelly said...

oh i'm tuned. i want to hear all about the goat poo! :)

we're getting our black lab bred and will hopefully have pups just before Christmas! Yay for labs! I love chocolates. labs are such good dogs.
not to be a weird dog person or anything, but i'm curious... is is a he or a she? is it purebred? if so, where did you buy her?

my name is becky kelly said...

p.s. i just went back and read "him" so disregard my first question ;)

Michelle and Brady said...

First off Becky why am I not allowed on your blog??? Haha but he is 1/16 wheimer Reiner I don't know how to spell and the rest lab! We got him in apple valley on our way home from zions! I miss you!!!!

Mysha said...

Bear is very cute! He definitely has Brady's eyes and...hairy...face! We missed you guys at family home evening, especially Ella.

Michelle and Brady said...

He totally does Mysha!!! haha Yeah I wasn't feeling well at all I think I had the flu. We miss you guys too!