Sunday, August 1, 2010

Reasons i have been a bad blogger....

1. Moving from Orem to Bountiful. (By the way we LOVE it here!)
2. Our router is so completely crappy that it stalls the internet when i get on blogs.
3. We have been SO busy with work this summer that when we have free time it is going to provo to see our families which we so dearly miss!!
4. I just am not a good blogger... lets face it!

So this week we are going to get a new router, and i am going to be so happy! I have so many fun things and pictures of trips, family things, our life here in bountiful and much more to share!!!
Coming soon!!! hahaha


Heatha said...

ya gribby a post love you..!

Tiffney said...

Yahoo for an update!! Love you guys!!

Vince and Katie Morgan said...

Michelle! We live up in Ogden. What are you guys doing up here? We should all get together sometime

Ryan and Hailee said...

so happy you are loving Bountiful, but am grateful it's not that far so I still get to see you often!!! Love ya Sis