Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Christmas is coming i PROMISE!!

Okay so i know it is early, but i am so impatient that i couldn't wait... I SET UP MY CHRISTMAS TREE!! I love Christmas so much that i wanted to start the season early! I think that Thanksgiving should be in a different month so that we could celebrate Christmas season November and December!!! I love Christmas so much! Only 38 more days! Okay so Brady and i have been on a huge kick with watching movies at night and only having our christmas tree lights on.. I love the cozy feeling it brings! I think we have watched 7 movies in the past two weeks just at our home!! I love it... A favorite of mine is Christmas Vacation and I bet most of you know that.. This is for you kellee.... and every one else who appreciates this movie like muah!

You couldn't hear a dump truck driving through a nitro glycrn plant.

Audrys eyes are frozen Clark. It's all part of the experience honey

Is your house on fire? Are we at the airport? Is rusty still in the navy

Hey Grizwalt where you planning on putting a tree that size? Bend over and ill show ya. You got a lot of nerve talking to me like that Clark. I wasnt talking to you

Why is the carpet all wet todd.. I dont know margo

Those lights sure aren't twinkling Clark. I know Father. He worked really hard on those Grandpa. Yeah so do washing machines

If the stores couldn't be any less hooter/hotter than they are.

Hahaha I could go on for days!! Well everyone I hope your Christmas season is perfect! It is my most favorite time of the year!
Love you all!!!


someone said...

haha, yay for Christmas! We're going up to Cedar Mountain to cut down a tree a week from Monday. I'm so excited. It's fun to let my kids see what snow looks like in real life!

david and kinsley harper said...

i love that movie!!!! its the best! and i love christmas..... if we were moved into our house my stuff would be set up to!