Thursday, May 7, 2009


My dad, my brother Robby, and I just got back from a 12 day adventure in Guatemala! We went down their to do Humanitarian work! We got 938 Pre-Missionaries ready for their missions! You can't leave until all your papers are completed and we went down their to finish them up! It was the most amazing experience ever! So many of them cried and hugged us out of joy when they finalized their papers! I sure did miss my sweet Brady, but it was a trip that i will never forget! Thank you dad for the most amazing trip ever! I love you so much and i hope you always know that!

Okay so I am going to post more pictures of our visit to the cancer hospital, the ruins, the actual clinic and the patients we worked on, and more of the city... They are all on my dads camera because mine died while i was their, so don't worry you will get the see the rest!! But here are some good pictures!!

They live like this, but they are truly happy! Elder clark of the 70 was with us the whole trip and he said.. "I love living here in Guatemala, because the people here live through their hearts, and the people in America live through their minds." It is so true, i miss Guatemala! I loved it their. No one cares about how much money they have, or how beautiful they are, and just everything! They love everyone no matter what!! It truly is amazing!
I got to fly in the Co-Pilot seat in this six passenger airplane, it was crazy but so cool!
This was the sweetest old lady! I gave her some jewelry and she started crying, and said "God is going to bless you." Oh it was so sweet i started to cry myself!
Me and my sweet sweet daddy!

The cute orphan kids we got to play with for a few hours and bring them toys!! They loved it so much!!!

Our Honduran friends that we have known for years! Titi and Tati!!
Here is Rawfa our other Honduran buddy! 

Some missionaries waiting in line outside the church where our clinic was held, waiting to get worked on!! Look how excited they all are!

This sweet boy had Cancer came in to get worked on, but they told us don't do much because he may not even be able to go... It was so sad i started crying and hugged him for ever! He was so sweet and yet he was battling cancer. Wow he was awesome!

Me and Dad again!!!! On the bus to the church!
Bill and Dr. D!!! They were my most favorite doctors down their! They were soooooo old but so funny and worked so hard! I miss these guys!
Working on a patient!
This is the beauty you see all over in Guatemala!! It was AMAZING!
Such a sweet family we met at church! Such awesome people!

So that was some of our trip! More to come!! Pictures don't even describe what we experienced, but this gives an idea of it! It was so fun and I can't wait to go back! Next time babe you are coming with!!!! 


Karenin Jaar Robison said...

wow! that looks like a lot of work, but so much fun i bet.

Becca said...

What an amazing experience! That is so awesome that you could go down there and help so many people!

Gina said...

What an experience of a lifetime. Thanks for posting these pictures. I got a bit teary eyed myself when I saw the picture of you and the old woman that you gave the jewelry to. You have such a pure heart. I'm excited to hear more about your adventures there.

Hopefully if our husbands keep working hard to make their weekly sales goals we'll see each other at dinner more often;)

Messenger said...

Michelle I'm so glad you got to go with dad, you deserve it. What a great experience I love you so much, thanks for being my sweet little sis.