Thursday, February 19, 2009


This past week my Mom, Brady, and I got to go to California to have fun and to see Melly and the family! It was so much fun and we did lots of fun things!! We had such an AWESOME trip with everyone!


Finally got to see my sister and the boys!
Went to the HUGE  Aquarium
with lots of fish and cool birds!

Melly, Mom, Brady, and I went to Phantom of the Opera on Broadway!! 
Played at Disneyland!!

Took cute pictures of the Family we miss SO SO much!! WE love you guys!
Went to Cheesecake Factory for Valentines Day!! 


Ryan and Hailee said...

Cute pictures, you guys look like you all had a blast!!!

Mollie said...

How fun!!! Michelle I love your hair! It looks so cute! I can't wait to see you guys again.

Kellee Marie Cook said...

You look soo cute kippy!! looks like you had tons of fun! yea disney!

Melanie and Billy Hunter said...

Look at the people in the background on the pic on splash mountain! Classic! Love you guys!!

Gina said...

Dearest Michelle . . I think you should update your blog.

That's all.

Lol- Love ya!

P.S. You have BRAGGING RIGHTS, girl!!! Remember how we conquered Angel's Landing?!